Research & Insights

To have a clear awareness of a brands applications, strenghts, weaknesses, competitors and peers is a crucial asset in the process of building up a brand strategy and further actions. The audits will be fitted to your needs and circumstances to deliver an outcome that is tailored to your business. 

Brand Strategy

Once we see how your brand is perceived by your audience and how you communicate, there will be room to create goals both on a large and a small scale. An evaluation in terms of effort, budget, time and impact will help us to define a route, that feels successful right from the start. As there is usually more than one possible way to go, this is the point where we need to choose a path that feels fitting and sustainable for our business, because we cannot change it easily in the further process without affecting all the assets of the brand.

Visual Identities

There are many things to influence the reception of a brand, such as visual, verbal and behavioral factors. My field of expertise is the creation of visual identity systems that are in line with the brand strategy of your business. The first impression has a tremendous impact on your audience. That does not mean, that any of the other factors should be neglected, because a brand also reflects all the things that seem not important enough for you. 

Digital Design

The future ist digital. Websites, online shops and digital interfaces are great tools to interact with your audience and to listen to their needs. If you do so, you and your brand will be rewarded. By the way: that does not mean that print is worth any less. It is a strong option to create something long lasting and to give it an instant aura of value and meaning. 


All the layouts are just useless pixels on a screen without a proper function, a logical structure and user experience. But beware, there are trends that have a negative effect on your users with special needs. Making your content available for everybody should be the main goal. 

Motion Design

Graphic design coming to life is the next level of setting yourself apart from the competition. It adds an extra layer of expression to the character of your brand and can blend in beautifully to tell your story, if you resist to go crazy on it. 

Art Direction

With countless things to think about, concerning your brand, it surely helps to have someone by your site to keep the bigger picture in mind. Art direction is offered as a service for teams that are in need of design guidance and supervision.

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