successful branding is about distinctive naming, the protection of intellectual property and investments and a unique appearance and behaviour. how can you preach all of this and act the other way with your own business? it just does not work that way.

Nice and clean word mark. But neither the name nor the style stand out. A trademark protection is hard to achieve.

That is why "Büro Schwarz" had to go. The market is flooded with büros, bureaus etc. making it hard for the studios and the potential clients as well to make a choice to find a perfect fit. Minimal design has its reputation and I still aim to make messages and designs as clear as possible, but with sameless® the fun is back. Colors are back. Animation is used as a powerful tool to get attention and to make the brand more ownable. And most importantly: it is a protected brand name.

With global and connected markets looks and trends tend to align more and more. As it becomes easier and cheaper to own and maintain a brand, it gets harder and harder to be authentic and unique. Any cut on budgets does not primarily hurt your appearance and performance, but it surely hurts your uniqueness and authenticity. It often means no custom website, no custom photography etc. but templates and stock photos anyone can use.

This is where sameless® takes the other route. Design from humans for humans based on a smart strategy. Design with head, hand and heart.